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MILA Solutions provides writing services that include news releases, feature stories, brochures or anything else that requires a fast, quality result. Here is a sampling of the media products we have recently produced.

NASA Aeronautics Web Features and News Releases

A Sign from NASA's Past Goes to National Air and Space Museum

"Airplanes" or "Langleys" and Other Tales of the NACA

NASA Aeronautics Ends 2014 in Revolutionary Style

NASA Aeronautics Contributes to Orion’s Atmospheric Flight Capability

Holiday Season Makes Most of NASA Aeronautics Gifts

NASA Tool Helps Airliners Minimize Weather Delays

ACCESS II Confirms Jet Biofuel Burns Cleaner

Full-Scale Tunnel Story Told in New NASA Book

IKOS Debugger Zaps Error Rate for Aviation Software Developers

Remembering ‘First Flights’ on National Aviation Day

NASA Delivers New Air Traffic Spacing Tool to FAA

Seeking Reality in the Future of Aeronautical Simulation

NASA Aeronautics Set to Premiere High-Flying Sequel

NASA Book Reveals Fascination with Wing Twist

NASA Aces Delicate Operation with Aircraft Tail

Looking Back at X-29A in 'Sweeping Forward'

Looking Back at How NASA Looked Ahead during 2013

'Thinking Obliquely' Tells Story of NASA's Scissors Wing Airplane

NASA's Sonic Boom Research Takes "Shape"

NASA Introduces New Blueprint for Transforming Global Aviation

NASA Transfers Delay-Reducing Software to FAA

NASA/LEGO Contest Names Winning Designs

July 31 Deadline for NASA/LEGO Contest

NASA Tests Radio for Unmanned Aircraft Operations

NASA Researchers Sniff Out Alternate Fuel Future

Nothing Bugs These NASA Aeronautical Researchers

NASA Begins Flight Research Campaign Using Alternate Jet Fuel

NASA Books Reveal Wisdom Gained from Failure

Image Gallery: Supersonic Aircraft Making History

NASA Seeks It All: High Lift, Low Drag

Sector 33 Game App Goes Android

NASA Is With You When You Fly

NASA Accepting Applications for Aeronautics Scholarships

New NASA Book Reveals Pressure Suits are Height of Fashion

Hitchhiking Sensors Capture Curiosity's Entry

AMELIA's Innovations Inspire Unusual Dedication

New NASA Book Tells Why Aerospace Accidents Happen

NASA Announces 2012 Aeronautics Scholarship Recipients

8 Questions about NextGen, Part 2: How We'll Get Where We're Going Tomorrow

Sonic Boom Heads for a Thump

Sector 33 Puts You in the Control Tower

Preps Continue for Launching Engine Icing Research

NASA's 2011 Aeronautics Work Makes Mark on Aviation

Airplane Plus Heat Plus Ice Equals Mystery

NASA Helps Create a More Silent Night

NASA Releases Sector 33 Air Traffic Control Educational Game App

NASA Accepting Applications For Aeronautics Scholarships

AIAA Series on Green Aviation

These stories for the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics' member magazine Aerospace America were written in 2011 and 2012 by Jim Banke and produced in cooperation with NASA's Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate.(Files are in PDF format. Get a free PDF reader from Adobe here.)

  1. Aircraft and the Environment Part One: Quieter Flight -- A Balancing Act
  2. Aircraft and the Environment Part Two: In Search of Cleaner Skies
  3. Aircraft and the Environment Part Three: Flying Farther on Less
  4. Aircraft and the Environment Part Four: Getting from Gate to Gate

Other Published Work

50 Years in Space: NASA's Roadmap to 2058

See the Special Projects page for more examples of our work.

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