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Some of today's active launch vehicles.

The Space Shuttle may not be flying anymore but rockets are still launching from Cape Canaveral and many other places around the world. Use this page to find out the latest on what's going up and when.

Listen to a Launch Live!
MILA Solutions' Jim Banke provides live launch commentary for the Space Coast of every launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and the Kennedy Space Center. Tune in to WMMB-AM at 1240 or 1350 a few minutes before the launch window opens for the latest updates.

Don't live on the Space Coast? No problem! You can listen to WMMB live online at www.wmmbam.com or by using the I Heart Radio app on your mobile device.

Launch coverage on WMMB is sponsored by:

Craig Technologies | Orbital ATK | Vencore | Launch Federal Credit Union | United Launch Alliance

Launch Forecasts on the Internet

Spaceflight Now
For the most current, up-to-date, accurate and plain just best source on the Internet for the worldwide launch schedule, visit Spaceflight Now's Tracking Station. Keep an eye on the website for real-time updates of major launches as the countdown nears zero, anytime day or night. And while you're there, tell Justin Ray hi from Jim Banke. I taught him everything he knows, at least for the first few months of his career.

NASA's Consolidated Launch Schedule
For the official word on NASA launches only, check their schedule and then spend some time exploring an incredible wealth of information about the past, present and future activity of our nation's space agency. And don't forget the first A in NASA stands for Aeronautics. Visit the Aeronautics section of the NASA web site and learn what NASA's aeronautical innovators are doing to continue to push the frontiers of flight.

45th Space Wing
For the official view of the Cape Canaveral launch schedule from the Air Force wing responsible for managing the Eastern Range, visit the official Patrick Air Force Base web site.

Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif.
For information about missions flying from the nation's major west coast launch site, check out the schedule posted on the Vandenberg Air Force Base web site.

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
For some suggestions on the best way to watch a liftoff from Cape Canaveral, be sure to click the link to the official launch information page of the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

Central Florida News 13
For another look at the Cape Canaveral launch schedule see the schedule posted on the Bright House Network's Central Florida News 13 website.

In case you were wondering, the launch images at the top of the page are, from left, an Ariane 5, an Atlas 5, a Delta 4, a Falcon 9, a Proton and a Soyuz. Images are from Arianespace, NASA, United Launch Alliance and SpaceX.

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