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Here are some web sites we think you should keep an eye on for one reason or another. More links will be added as we go along. When you visit, be sure to tell them Jim Banke sent you.
News About Space

Space Today
You won't find a more comprehensive and up-to-date collection of links to current space news around the Web than this site produced by Jeff Foust, who does a particularly great job finding those space-related features and columns from non-traditional sources of space news. It really is one-stop shopping.

Spaceflight Now
If it's launching into space, has launched, is about to launch or has anything to do with launching a rocket into orbit, you will find the story covered here. As noted on our Launch Forecast page, Spaceflight Now also has the world's best and most complete schedule of upcoming space shots from around the world.

A web site both for the true space cadet and those with a general interest in space. Managed by Robert Pearlman, you'll find information about space history, space collectibles and some of the cool space-related things going on in popular culture that is virtually ignored by others. Robert is a great guy and one of the few people who can out-trivia me in space trivia.

Produced by Marcia Smith, one of the best and most level-headed space policy analysts ever to grace our nation's capital, SpacePolicyOnline.com gives you the space news with a slant toward understanding why things happen, not just what's happening. Always straight forward and no nonsense.

It's been a long road since Lou Dobbs started the website back in 1999 and I worked there as a senior producer from 2000-2004. While a littel heavy now on the advertising bells and whistles, it's still worth checking out from time to time.

NASA Watch
Another web site worth visiting is this one produced by Keith Cowing, a former NASA employee. His take on NASA is unique, to say the least, but he covers more than just NASA. Updates come alomst daily. Even more interesting are the comments posted by readers about the stories he publishes. We'll let you form your own opinions.

Friends of MILA Solutions, LLC

Air Force Space & Missile Museum Foundation
The official website for U.S. Air Force Space & Missile Museum at Cape Canaveral. Go here to learn how you can tour the Cape and visit the Sands Space History Center for free. Plus the website has a whole lot more to explore!

National Space Club Florida Committee
The premiere space organization in the state of Florida provides information on space activities through monthly luncheons, promotes space leadership and advancement of space applications, sponsors educational activities and recognizes contributions to advancements in aerospace science, operations, research, and education.

Space Foundation
As their mission states: to advance space-related endeavors to inspire, enable and propel humanity. When I left journalism it was to work here for a couple of years, and the work they are doing is still making a difference.

National Space Society
If you have to pick one pro-space organization to join as a member, this is the one to join. I'm proud to be a card-carrying member and have been associated with the organization since it was still two separate groups, the L5 Society and the National Space Institute.

Klyde Morris: Aviation & Space Cartoons
Aviation's Only Ant, Klyde Morris, created by friend and fellow Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University alumni Wes Oleszewski, is a cartoon strip about the flying adventures of an Ant named Klyde Morris.

Links Related to Model Rocketry

The hobby of model rocketry was a passion of mine growing up in Minnesota, fueling my dreams of being a part of the space program. The hobby is alive and well today, and as safe as ever when you follow the instructions. Here are some links to help you get started, or to sustain your interest.

Tim Van Milligan's Apogee Components
Excellent education-oriented rocket kits and supplies, sport models, and competition kits. Their motto is: "The first step into space is an Apogee model rocket." Their RockSim aerodynamic modeling software lets you design your rockets and simulate how they will fly on any rocket motor. RockSim is a "Certified Space Educational Product," so it is great for schools too.

National Association of Rocketry
NAR was founded in 1957, and is the oldest and largest sport rocketry association in the world, with over 4500 members and 120 affiliated clubs across the U.S.. The National Association of Rocketry is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit educational organization for consumers that advances the hobby of sport rocketry through organized events, local clubs, technical certification, research and development, and government and corporate partnerships to ensure that rocketry continues to be safe, educational, and fun.

Aerospace Specialty Products
Florida's premier rocketry supplier. ASP specializes in Scale, Educational, and Competition rocket kits, as well as the supplies that go with them.

Estes Model Rockets
Still one of the best places to get your model rocket kits and supplies. The vast majority of us old time space cadets who grew up with Apollo and flew model rockets, began our hobby with Estes. The current owners of the company are revitalizing the whole line up, and now is one of the best times to fly Estes.

Bottle Rockets and Other Educational Crafts
This webpage of interesting science experiments and demonstrations you can do at home was suggested by the students of Boy Scouts of America Troop 325 from Lake Jennings in California. The page includes a description of how to make a bottle rocket propelled by pressurized water.

Personal Favorites

Duluth Harbor Cams
A collection of webcams covering the Duluth harbor and Lake Superior. Canal Park is the center of activity and the place I spent hours hanging out at as kid growing up in Minnesota. Nothing better -- perhaps even a rocket launch! -- than watching the lakeboats pass through the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge.

Trek Core
If you're a fan of Star Trek, this is the first stop for you every day. News about TV shows old and new; latest movie rumors; information about collectibles, conventions, comic books; and so much more is available here.

National Football League
All that is about the National Football League. Daily visits during the season, at least weekly in the meantime.

Minnesota Vikings
Go big purple! This is the official team website for the Minnesota Vikings -- the only NFL football team everyone should be rooting for.

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