What Is Difference Between Contract And Scheduling Agreement

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Published on: October 15, 2021

In principle, both are framework agreements, but when we enter into a contract, it means that we occasionally buy our quantities from the supplier. Here the quantity may vary, but the contract has a validity period and a condition. In the planning agreement, we buy our quantity regularly, that is, period by period (day, week). Contract The contract is a contractual decision that does not contain delivery dates for the material. The contract consists of two types: can you please tell me the differences between a contract and a delivery schedule – they seem to be the same, although they are different. The contract does not have predefined delivery dates. First of all, you need to create a contract and in relation to this, you need to create a lot of orders (i.e. release orders) based on it, whenever you need to create a delivery until the contract expires. Contractual characteristics: Contracts are framework agreements. You do not specify the delivery dates for each item. So creditors know how much you need for what date, enter orders to unlock a contract. A certification order is an order that relates to a contract.

If a conditional purchase information file is available for the device and the creditor, the system will automatically offer the net price in accordance with these conditions when creating the contract item. Contract validity is defined as the validity period in the contract header – For each item in a quantity contract, you set the target quantity and order conditions. There are two types of structure agreements: Planning agreement – In the planning agreement we can manage detailed classifications. This explains the details of the materials, the amount of material needed, the date of the request, which we can not mention in the contracts. A date contains the details of a planning agreement, but a contract contains only information about quantities and prices and no information about specific planning dates, the agreement is also an agreement, the quantity is divided into different classifications, and delivery is determined in the agreement according to this classification. Where, as in the treaty, no line. The release order is used to release the item from the contract/value. Settlement contracts do not contain contracts if the agreements contain the delivery dates or the main difference In the case of contracts, the release order can be placed at any time until the expiry of the contract. It can be used to facilitate the operation of planning and guarantee the fixed price agreement for the customer. .

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