Vmware Vsphere Hypervisor End User License Agreement

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Published on: October 13, 2021

Although a customer may use VMware to provide hosted services to third parties, there are many restrictions on the functions that can be transmitted without VMware`s written consent. Third parties may not use the Software as service bureaus, application service providers, or similar capabilities, and Licensee may not transfer or sublicense any Software without VMware`s consent. In addition, some benchmark test results cannot be disclosed either externally or to self-engineering the software. The license agreement also limits circumvention of security protocols also covered by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”). See VMware End User License Agreement (“EULA”), sections 3.1 and 17 U.S.C ยง1201. VI. Consequences of Termination: What Happens to Licenses After Voluntary Termination? VMware does not offer support services under the EULA. This EULA will not give you at any time in the future the rights to update or upgrade the software, or any extensions or extensions of the software developed by VMware. VMware may offer support and subscription services separately. If you have purchased VMware support and subscription services with the software, such services will be made available to you in accordance with the terms and conditions of the support agreements posted on the VMware website under www.vmware.com/support/, and by agreeing to the terms of this ITA, you agree to these Support Agreement Terms and Conditions. Any add-on software code or related hardware that VMware provides to you as part of support and subscription services shall be considered part of the software and subject to the terms of this ITA.

VMware may fully use any technical information you provide to VMware for VMware`s business purposes, including porting and product development. VMware does not use any information in any form that personally identifies you. The End User License Agreement does not provide for termination by Licensee except at the end of the License Term. See VMware End User License Agreement (“EULA”), Section 10. There are only hosts of sources that are licensed, hosts on which there are VMs that you back up or replicate. Target hosts (for replication and migration orders) should not be allowed. Each node in the cluster configuration must be allowed. Expiration of socket license media does not affect the functionality of the product, except for limiting the installation of product updates delivered after the media expiration date. 7.1 Limited Warranty. VMware warrants that the media on which the software is provided are, if any, free from defects and that the software essentially meets the description in the relevant end user documentation for the specific software which, in any event, is included in this AESE for a period of 90 days from the date of delivery of the software license key to you (“Warranty Period”). .

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