Hereditary Building Right Agreement Deutsch

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Published on: September 22, 2021

Russian legislation also provides for different types of contractual rights for the temporary use of real estate, i.e. inheritance tax, rental of housing and free restricted use. There are two categories of property rights that can be acquired: property and property right. “Easements”: the rights in favour of the owner of a plot of land (the predominant rental house) in respect of land belonging to another person (which serves as a rental property). Lease agreements for the period between signature and conclusion generally include that the seller does not enter into new leases without the buyer`s agreement or modifies or terminates existing leases and that the seller complies with its obligations under existing leases. Inheritance law divides ownership from property by separating land from buildings. The party making available the right of succession owns the country; the party who obtains the right of succession owns the buildings. An inheritance tax is equivalent to property, with all the rights and obligations related to property management. In the case of a contract of succession, the landowner leases the land to the beneficiary of the inheritance tax for an agreed period. Inheritance tax can be hereditary, sold or shared. The sale or division of the right requires the agreement of the inheritance donor, insofar as this is stipulated in the contract of hereditary construction law.

Early termination of the contract can only take place by the insolvency of one of the two contracting parties, the non-payment of inheritance tax or a breach of objectives. .

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