Wbenc User Agreement

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Published on: April 14, 2021

If the subsidiary is WBE certified, please attach a copy of the WBE certificate; Otherwise, only the Trust (s) agreement, which includes the majority of female owners and other interests, includes stock options, warrants, buy/sale agreements and the right of first refusal and purchase agreements (if any). including the production and/or distribution of contracts for the lease and sale of the candidate company`s products or service equipment or proof of purchase Go www.wbenclink.org to launch the online application. Please register the username and password, as both are required as soon as certification has been issued. All agreements with individuals and/or sellers who provide management/advisory services to the candidate LLC Regulations, Operating Agreement and/or “mandatory” Member Agreement, signed by the majority of women business owners and certified notarized by a licensed notary from the United States or one of their territories. . Click here for a printable version of this page (PDF format). All documentation must be downloaded to WBENCLink2.0. The list of documents is divided into two (2) sections: mandatory documents and required documents. If a document is listed as “mandatory,” you must download the document itself or a written statement indicating the reasons that are not mentioned and/or are not applicable to the candidate entity. Documents that are listed as “required” and apply to the company must be downloaded or the Non-applicable field must be activated. Failure to provide the necessary documentation to determine the merits of the business is grounds for refusal.

Note: Your Regional Partner Organization (RPO) and/or WBENC reserve the right to request, if necessary, additional documents to determine your company`s eligibility for WBE and WOSB certification (if you apply for WOSB certification). If you have questions about the required documents or non-refundable processing fees, please contact the regional partner organization designated for your country. If you apply for WOSB certification in addition to WBE certification, you will find other requirements for WOSB documentation at the end of this document.

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