Queensland Teacher Union Agreement

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Published on: April 11, 2021

In 2010, the QTU fought with other Australian teachers` unions against the federal government`s My School website, which publishes naplan test results of schools and compares schools. [6] Education Minister Grace Grace said the move was a response to the “extraordinary efforts of teachers during COVID-19.” The remote incentive scheme, which tackles teacher shortages in rural and remote areas of the state through incentives to attract and retain teachers, was introduced in 1990 after 16 years of QTU campaigns. [5] If teachers vote in favour of the proposal, it means that schools in the north and west of the state will break down on December 2, while schools in south-east Queensland will break down on December 9. “Some teachers worked during their personal time to make sure we were ready to start distance learning after the Easter holidays,” Grace said. “We are really in a situation where the government has seen fit to make some concessions or make some offers that I hope will allay the concerns expressed by teachers and principals.” Our members were rightly dissatisfied with the government`s action to break a signed agreement – a legally binding agreement that should have seen that this pay rise should have paid off,” Bates said. The QTU is not affiliated with any political party and does not give political parties. Under the QTU Constitution, partisan membership could only take place after a referendum by all members. However, the QTU reserves the right to support/withdraw candidates (before and during the election campaign) based on their attitude and actions regarding the political positions of the QTU, particularly in the areas of public education and labour relations. The QTU is affiliated with the Australian Education Union as well as the Australian Council of Trade Unions and the Queensland Council of Unions, the highest trade union bodies in Australia and Queensland. Did you know that our current full-time teacher salary in Queensland is one of the highest starting salaries in the country? It`s true. The Queensland Teachers` Union was founded in January 1889, when seven regional teachers` organizations met at the Brisbane School of the Arts. It is Australia`s oldest teachers` union and one of Queensland`s oldest unions. In 1895, the QTU published the first issue of the Queensland Education Journal, which was later renamed the Queensland Teachers` Journal, which is now Australia`s oldest continuous teachers` magazine.

[1] We offer our teachers not only high-level salaries, but also many vacation claims so that you keep a healthy balance between your work and your private life. Among the main holidays available, Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk rejected the QTU`s assertion that the two extra days of school holidays were a concession after the great anger over the wage deferral. Queensland teachers were offered an additional two days off as a peace offer to lose their planned pay rise. The QTU executive manages trade union affairs between Council of State meetings. It is composed of 13 service teachers elected by the Council of State and the union`s senior officials: the president, the vice-president, the honorary vice-president, the general secretary and two assistant secretaries general. The Queensland Teachers` Union is an Australian union with more than 46,000 teachers and principals in Queensland government primary, secondary, specialty, high school, TAFE colleges and other education institutions. More than 96% of qualified teachers are members.

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