New York Law Prenuptial Agreements

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Published on: April 10, 2021

Note: Child custody and custody schemes should not be covered by a pre-marriage agreement (with the exception of non-adopted children from previous partnerships), as they are reviewed or decided by the court in the best interests of the child. Fourth, you and your most important people need the opportunity to have the agreement verified by a lawyer. This requirement is a problem for many websites that have offered discount agreements. Here in Prenup NYC, a lawyer authorized to make plans in New York and checks your agreement before sending you. If you want to consult another lawyer, we can arrange a discounted meeting or a telephone consultation. Marital agreements are inherently complicated, since they are essentially contingency agreements, in case the marriage fails. But for some couples, prenupes have a really clever legal sense. Since marriage is a life-long agreement and the wrong decision can have life-long consequences, contact a New York family lawyer for specialized advice. At Berkman Bottger Newman and Schein, we want to help NY pairs get off to a good start.

For qualified legal advice on marriage contracts and other matters, talk to us today. Make sure you plan for your future as carefully as you plan your wedding. A conjugal agreement (also known as the Agreement of Intent, Premarital Agreement, Prenup or Prenupt) is a premarital contract. The content of a marital agreement can vary considerably depending on reflection, wealth and liabilities, but generally includes provisions for the division of ownership and assistance to the spouse in the event of divorce. Although state laws apply to everyone in the state, it sometimes takes a law degree to really read and understand the statutes. Although the New York law on the legality of marriage contracts is fairly clear, it does not offer much guidance. However, the useful table below provides more information on what such an agreement can do and what challenges it may face in terms of its validity. For many couples, especially in New York and the surrounding suburbs, where real estate receives a premium, the main purpose of a marriage agreement is to guarantee the right of each person to own their own property, including finance, real estate, art, age, business and more. A prenup describes the assets that will be returned to which person in the event of a divorce, regardless of whether the asset was purchased jointly or separately. Your prenup can also spread your debts and offer each spouse options for transferring, selling or buying real estate, selling or buying real estate.

If you are considering a marriage agreement, you and your spouse should be completely honest and open when disclosing both your assets and debts. Your New York lawyer can provide you with experienced advice.

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