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Published on: April 8, 2021

Contact the other person in time and declare that you have decided to terminate the agreement. Your contract must indicate how much notification you need to give if you want to terminate the contract prematurely. In order to finalize this round of legal advice exclusively for FreelanceUK, we will review the section of the contract that you must review yourself as soon as you are at the end of the agreement or when you reach the end of the agreement – duration and termination, writes Lily Morrison, legal counsel at Gerrish Legal. Before you leave your self-employed job, make sure that you are aware of the obligations you and your client have to avoid violating them and that you are out of contract. If the termination of a contract is authorized by the contract itself, it is clearly the least problematic and most complex method of terminating a contract. We really encourage all professionals to sign a contract. The Freelancer contract is in fact the first model that we count among the most important models for the liberal professions. That`s why you can look for options to terminate your contract. The simplest and simplest way to end it is clearly, if both parties agree, and to go further if the contract explicitly states the instructions for terminating the contract. If you need to change these clauses, make sure they are done before signing. If different versions have been sent between the games and you receive a final version for signature (z.B on DocuSign) – don`t immediately click “Sign.” Instead, take the time to download the completed version and check all the conditions with what you think has been agreed upon. Sometimes nasty surprises can happen in the finished version that you think might be ok – and as a freelance professional who signs the contract, it`s very difficult (and humiliating!), later to say that the document was wrong or not, what you thought was. Here too, it is worth getting the advice of a lawyer in order to avoid future pain.

One of the main advantages of freelancing is the extra freedom that freelancers enjoy compared to regular employees. You can choose the project you are working on and with the client you want to work with. Once you have passed the start-up phase, staffing requirements may increase and you may need to reconsider the recruitment of freelancers. You may want to hire a full-time employee instead of keeping a freelancer on the site. Alternatively, you can renegotiate terms such as lower rates so that your contract better meets your needs rather than completely terminating the contract with your freelancer. To formalize the termination, send a termination letter to your client. Hello [customer name], I send you an email today to tell you that from now on, I will not be able to do any more work. One of my projects started to take a lot longer, so I have to reduce my freelance work.

Of course, I will be happy to finish the projects we are working on. Even if you need a little time to find a new freelancer, I`ll be happy to help you with the transition. Thank you very much for the time of cooperation. If both parties agree with the termination, the party who wants to cancel the contract must do so for the correct reasons and follow the procedures and rules to the letter. In general, if only one party wants to resign, a party can create a stressful environment. Therefore, it is doubly important not to let go of your professionalism, to maintain a polite attitude throughout the process, but to be firm in your desires.

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