Ukces Outcome Agreements

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Published on: December 19, 2020

This is a joint report by the UK Employment and Qualifications Commission (UKCES) and the College Association (AoC). It explains how local outcome agreements can help English organisations create new avenues of skills cooperation, with an emphasis on the role of secondary education. This report sets out the role that local outcome agreements can play in tackling local skills shortages across England. . 13. The Senior Phase Calibration Tool was designed to align with the program of excellence by measuring important aspects of our students` performance in schools. 14. Scottish Schools Online is a publicly available list of all schools in Scotland. The site contains data on the end of the school and other information about each school. The website is available at the 31st source: Modern Learning: Equality – the Economy, EHRC (2013). 18.

Regional outcome agreements define what higher education institutions intend to provide in return for their funding through the Scottish Funding Council. 19. Estimates made in 2012 suggest that the average annual cost of benefits for an unemployed youth (18-24) is $5,661.51. On this basis, converting 100 of these young job seekers into jobs would save more than $500,000 a year in social benefits. 10. 44% of young people leave school with degrees below the higher level. Source: Summary Statistics for Attainment, Leaver Destination – Healthy Living No 3 – Follow Up Destinations, 2011/12, Scottish Government 8. Source: Survey of labour forces Jan-Mur 2014, ONS (not seasonally adjusted) 20. Qualifications yields increase significantly at QQ levels 4 and 5 relative to lower levels. Source: The Labour Market Effects of Qualifications, Walker and Zhu (2007).

6. The senior phase takes place from S4 to S6 in schools and covers the outgoing age groups from 16 to 18 years of age. 29. Source: 2011 Census, National Records of Scotland 9. Small and medium-sized enterprises are defined as companies with fewer than 249 employees. 16. Skills Development Scotland is the national organisation of skills for Scotland. . 21.

The Scottish Qualifications Authority is the national qualification agency for Scotland.

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