Marriage Separation Agreement Singapore

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Published on: December 12, 2020

If there is no agreement, the Assistant Clerk will determine your case for a contentious hearing on the related issues. The purpose of a marriage separation agreement is to avoid the need for a contentious legal process if you decide to divorce. The separation declaration can be used in court to decide whether there has been prior mutual agreement and whether the agreement has been respected. If a couple has successfully agreed to the division of their marital assets and liabilities and the agreement on the care and control and access of the child during the separation period, this could provide a solid basis for obtaining the court`s proper opinion in the divorce proceedings. The Charter of Women provides that the court of prior agreement of the parties (usually through the act of separation or other types of financial agreements) has a significant weight in determining the final conditions for the division of property and the agreement of the child. A couple who wish to divorce after obtaining a judicial separation decision must still file for a separate divorce, as the final divorce decision may deviate from the original court separation order. As with divorce, the cost of separation proceedings depends on the type of separation. In general, the cheapest and simplest procedure is informal separation, followed by formal separation and judicial separation. Given the consequences of signing the separation act in Singapore for all parties involved, it is always recommended to seek the assistance of professional divorce lawyers.

Our lawyers would help define all the essential concepts so that acts of separation can serve as the basis for an effective settlement if the spouses decide to file the divorce because of the separation. Not all separations result in divorce. Some couples use separation time to compensate for their differences. Separation is also a good option for couples who do not want to divorce for moral, religious or practical reasons.

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