Foster Carers Agreement

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Published on: December 9, 2020

In addition, a cooperation agreement should be developed that includes responsibility for the following: it is essential that local authorities and independent support agencies establish common protocols for maintenance. Protocols should be flexible to ensure that they take into account individual circumstances and needs, including a clear reference to stay as an option for a young person after 18 years, as part of their agreed maintenance plan/route plan. The commissioning of sales contracts should be included in the contractual requirement for independent financing providers. If an independent health care provider continues to play a role in assisting nurses who offer a stay plan, it is appropriate that a fee be agreed. Your care contract will be reviewed when you renew admission as a caregiver. You will be encouraged to address any issues that affect you during the audit, including: There are other periods when your care agreement should be reviewed, including: The policy should cover living conditions, whether with local authorities or independent health care providers. You will receive a copy of the signed care contract. A care agreement is a written agreement between you, Child Safety and your care and care service, which: This is the written agreement that was reached between you and the care service when you are approved. A care agreement is not developed for a caregiver because her support needs are specific to the child who is in her care and who are covered by the placement agreement. The role of commissioners is essential to creating healthy working relationships; Commissioners should welcome the requirements for the control of sales contracts and any Commission policy should not exclude independent promotional bodies. Training, Support and Development Standards for Foster Care: This chapter is part of our staying put guidance.

The protocols must be reasonable and fair and include the following: It sets out the expectations of the Fostering service for you, what you can offer and the support and training you can expect.

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