Exclusive Listing Agreement Template

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Published on: December 8, 2020

Disclosure statement of the property – Should be completed by the seller at the time of signing the exclusive right of sale. Allows the seller to explain, by default, the property with all the other information provided by the state. In case there were two, two different signature areas were made available to the seller. All sellers participating in this agreement must present a binding signature, but if there is only one seller, simply fill out the first signing area. The seller must sign the “Seller`s Signature” line and then print his name on the empty space below. Once the seller has indicated a signature and a printed name, he must enter the current date as the date of signing of this agreement. The broker must sign his name on the empty field under the name “broker signature.” The broker must print his name in the “Print Name” line under the specified signature. If the broker then works on behalf of an agency, write down the full name of the agency in the last empty line in this column. At the end of the closing, the broker must indicate the date of his signature, which is provided to the line called “date.” They must prepare this agreement with certain information before it can be submitted for signature. In the first article “Me.

The parts “, was presented a statement of principle with several empty spaces. You must provide these premises with the relevant information for the instruction. Start by recording the calendar date that will be attributed to the effectiveness of this document as a month name and calendar day on the first space and the corresponding year on the second space. The seller`s full name is the next information requested. Place his name in the empty space just after the boldly printed “seller” label. In some cases, the seller of the property may be a commercial entity. If so, be sure to use the seller`s full legal name exactly as it was recorded in the books (including the suffix). In addition to the seller`s name, you must document his mailing address. There is enough space for this, as you can use three empty spaces to document the building number, the city and the state where the seller manages his postal address.

The broker who obtains the exclusive right to sell the property concerned must be clearly identified in the first space following the “agency” label. Article “VI. Commission” will seek a definition of compensation that the Agency (or broker) expects in return for the successful search for a buyer meeting the seller`s requirements. With two boxes to see presented in this section, you can quickly report the amount of this compensation. You can only choose one of these definitions for this agreement. Check the first cot box if a percentage of the final sale price of a sales contract between the buyer and the seller is the broker`s commission. In addition to marking this box, you should also report the commission percentage by writing it on the first empty space and then digitally tapping it on the second space. If the broker receives a Fixed Payment Commission, you contribute the total amount of the dollar that the broker receives in the event of a successful sales contract for the buyer/seller with the two empty items of the second choice. Sometimes, to offset the cost of a longer wait time in finding a buyer, the agency may be able to rent a property for which it has exclusive sales rights for a limited time. If there is an intervention, certain rules must be set out in this document.

In the article entitled “A) leasing “, report the percentage of rent calculated for the rental of the property in question, the seller must pay the broker on the first two empty lines in this paragraph.

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