Confidentiality Agreement Korean Drama

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Published on: December 5, 2020

Sis Sep 22 2015 8:52 is As honestly, I wasn`t expecting that today and I wasn`t expecting this kind of movie it`s more like romance and comedy art when the actor, but this time he`s pushing his comedy over on the cool and hot side!! I mean, can our oppa have a Smexier? But who will be the actress? It will be released in 2017, so jin ji hyun will be available and her child will be old enough or lee bo young and do not forget our queen ha ji won that hyun I had the best chemistry with . It will be a good idea if kim sun ah is the lead actress she tried to pull this action thriller into a masked prosecutor, but she miserably failed so that with hyun bin, they could blow the cinema with their chemsitry. Hyun bin did a bit when the action picture in the fatal encounter, but he didn`t show his ability to act too much because he was the genre, but here we`ll enjoy the thriller and Korean dialect!!!! Nice back oppa!! Lo Oct 04 2015 5:09 in Omg!!!! It`s true? He needs more rest! After jekyll hyde me, he filmed tons of cf`s and photo shoots and he didn`t have much rest, but OHMYGOSH!! A new movie??? I love him! This dramatic role change tho!! North Korean accent, martial arts, detective and all things smexy!! I can`t believe it! Please choose ha ji won if the actress needs action scenes!! Or jun ji hyun or park min young!! More info, please!!!!! davina Nov 16 2015 23:19 pm The plot int the film looks like drama the 2 heart of the king. Giam Sep 23 2015 12:04 (if hyung bin) is the leader then in!! It`s the bae, and I hope it`s okay. I want so much trouble in this movie! Or jun ji hyun, ha ji won, min park young Action-Queens or park shin hye or lee bo young if you r r young…… I really want to do it with yoon eun hye, although they are my drama couple couple, so let us keep them for their next drama, since both are gone for a while! Nia Sep 22 2015 6:45 am Omg omg omg OMG!!!!!!! U don`t know how much this means to me!! This is not just any film, but an action and thriller film, not only the Korean dialect, but also the North Korean dialect, is for him for the first time a show not only normal, but also an actor in establishing himself in martial arts!!!! We should make our oppa birthday present, but he gave us the best gift of all time!!!! I wonder who the actress since her action should be ha ji won or park min young or gianna jun will be a great start to action for Park Shin hye too.

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