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Published on: December 5, 2020

Further negotiation dates for the renewal of the collective agreement are scheduled for October. The Union Bargaining Committee met with the company for 13 days and we made good progress on many of the non-monetary issues raised in the membership polls. Last Friday, members of the Quarterly Review Committee, assisted by fred Scott union representative and Secretary-Treasurer Kim Novak, presented a strong case to arbitrator Chris Sullivan. Sullivan is confiscated in the collective agreement as is all things that arise from the conditions outlined. Now that the store is exceeding the financial objective set out in the agreement, the union took the matter to Sullivan and argued that all members of the store would immediately return completely under the terms of the contract. With effect at 6 months before March 31, 2018, the parties are entitled to renegotiate all provisions of the current collective agreement, including salary increases and benefits. If no conclusion is reached, the dispute will be resolved by the final selection of interest rates for a binding solution. The arbitrator is not entitled to change the collective`s expiry date and each party may request additional full reopenings. The negotiating committee continues to monitor food retail factors in Western Canada and how they will affect the Alberta market.

In the meantime, not all the terms of the collective agreement will change until negotiations on a new agreement are concluded and ratified by accession. “We are confident that the full terms of the collective agreement will be restored,” said Treasurer Novak. “And we`re talking about full terms, including wage increases for 2017 and 2018, the end of the pay stoppage in a future favorable future, the return of ATO to all members who suspended ATO, no vendor deposits and all other terms of the collective agreement.” Voluntary training package [new extension]: Grid B employees with 4,000 or more employees during the 2008 collective agreement who are still employed by Grid B have the option of taking voluntary severance pay or obtaining a lump sum payment of $5,000 and maintaining employment [new increase]. In February 2017, after months of quarterly interviews, store members who were elected to the quarterly audit committee made the difficult decision to sign an agreement for other quarterly audit decisions, freezing salaries and suspending cumulative claims (ATO) until the store achieved the goal of improving financial performance. By signing this agreement, the committee was able to negotiate an independent wage increase of 0.25 $US per hour for all Grid A and Grid B employees prior to the acquisition. This was an important issue because there has been no salary increase for members of this sector for more than five years, as their former employer delayed the terms of negotiation of a new collective agreement prior to the acquisition. Collective agreement [new addition]: it must be put in place to review and make the collective agreement understood. Other significant increases in the contract are 17 branches that are removed from the quarterly review and are again fully concluded in the collective agreement, combination of lump sum payments and off-rate wage increases for employees of the advanced A and A networks, holiday crossing for network A workers who have been having business interruptions for years , where these employees of less than 1,450 hours of work and all non-grid A workers on a pay scale with an improved peak rate and all non-grid Einsatz employees receive a pay increase after ratification, said UFCW.

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