Cell Phone Agreement For Tweens

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Published on: December 5, 2020

The phone contract sample below can start you and your child. Use the contract as it is or treat it according to your own rules and consequences. Check the contract regularly when circumstances and challenges may change. As a good coach, you have to keep the lines of authority clear. In our culture of disrespect, the new normality of a “phone in every teenager`s womb” has not helped our teens respect their elders, parents or authority. The telephone contract transfers the power of the parent to the adolescent and further undermines this guidance line. We need rules and limits, not a treaty. Dr. Michael Rubino, a San Francisco Bay-area psychotherapist who has worked with teens for more than 19 years, recommends that teens have a mobile phone (without a camera) and not a smartphone.7 “There`s no reason why a teenager really needs a smartphone.

They do not look after a family or run a business. Therefore, a simple mobile phone should be tailored to their needs,” Rubino writes. Additional signs of immaturity appear, especially if you introduce phone limits: Plus, you can also see it as a wonderful learning tool for your child. Here you`ll find out what it means to own a phone and what obstacles, challenges or problems can arise due to misuse. That`s why we advise you to use this smartphone contract for teenagers, as it will greatly help your child to use and manage his phone properly! The greatest need of your teens is to be loved and accepted unconditionally by their families; the nature of a telephone contract can give them the impression that they are an adversary (you against them) or that you are not on the same team. This can weaken family ties and encourage over-reliance on peers. Because peer-to-peer relationships are inherently fragile, an unhealthy level of peer bonding leads to poor results, according to Leonard Sax, MD. Spend more screen-free time with them in person to explain life from your point of view with your family values. If you can access smartphones 24 hours a day, your already limited time with your children will continue to be affected while they are under your roof. Overflowing: “Are you kidding me? No phones for homework? I`m going to die!┬áThe idea that a “magic” smartphone contract protects your children and makes them responsible is a myth that our culture promotes. If we put the Teen Science model on the contract decision on smartphones, things just don`t add up.

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